At Berry Web Designs, our focus is on creating a solidly built website capable of being optimized out of the box without major alterations. We've minimized the amount of time floundering around between different kinds of systems because every website we build is based on the same independant framework. This allows us to offer products and services at far lower rates than most "boutique" type Web Development companies. It's not just our websites that are innovative: We strive to add value to our products and services that you won't find anywhere else.

Unlike most web developers, at Berry Web Designs we don’t have long term contracts, and our fees are based on estimated labor investment; Not what the market will bear!

88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours.
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Your website, wherever your customers are
At Berry Web Designs, we're very serious about mobile web design. With over 85% of searches being done on mobile devices, skimping on this vital and necessary piece of your internet presence can leave your website feeling "unfinished" or worse. It doesn't cost extra - we don't ding you for an upsell or an add-on. It's all part of the package. Your customers are everywhere: At the market, the gym, at work or picking up the kids at daycare. Your success depends on being available when and where they are and we're here to help you achieve that result.


World class framework for growth & versatility
Every website that we build at Berry Web Designs is based on a world class Content Management System (CMS) which provides a solid framework. This will allow your new website to grow with your business, to be versatile enough to change directions or add new product lines or services that simply can't be found in an ordinary HTML website. By using a Content Management System, we drastically reduce the time necessary to make changes to the website and improve performance, stability and security while reducing costs to you.


Search Engine Optimization
To be found on the Search Engines, it's important that the methods used reflect current day trends. For instance, 5 years ago Backlinks were vitally important. So important in fact that most people today still believe they are crucial, and many of the emails you receive on a weekly basis promise to provide you with hundreds and thousands of these links at a nominal fee. Google will penalize you for this. While it's true that Backlinks are still important, they are only one of the many factors that all combine to make an effective SEO program.
Request A FREE Custom Web Design Quote from Berry Web Designs