Search Engine Optimization

Why do I need SEO?

(Search Engine Optimization)
Without online visibility, your targeted audience may have great difficulty finding you without a direct link. Search Engine Optimization is a group of activities and disciplines designed to ensure you get found on the search engines and provides you with a strong online presence that can usher in better business growth. SEO doesn't just "happen".
Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation in the marketplace about what's involved in SEO to make those goals a reality. Many of our clients get regular emails from companies all over the world promising to "get you on the front page" etc. etc. for a small fee.
What happens next is usually quite disappointing and far less than was expected for the price.
There are two main sources search engines look at when evaluating your site for placement:
  1. On-page: what is your site about? (This is largely affected by Organic SEO)
  2. Off-page: how authoritative is your site? (Largely Affected by Pay Per Click)
Two key differences when considering Organic SEO or Pay Per Click:
  1. The first is that paid ads appear at the top of the page, above the organic listings.
  2. The second is that traffic from Organic SEO is free, whereas traffic from Pay Per Click has a cost for each click.
Cost Per Click can range widely, but current average Per Click is around $2 across all industries.
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SEO Missed Opportunities
At Berry Web Designs, we approach this issue of SEO from a different perspective. We believe there is a missed opportunity for On-Page SEO. With so much focus being placed on lucrative Pay-Per-Click campaigns, implementation and support of solid On-Page SEO techniques is often ignored or forgotten. If maintained, over time Organic SEO can reduce and even possibly eliminate Pay-Per-Click expenditures
On Page SEO
Can be expensive early while fine tuning.
Requires a considerable monthly budget.
Requires Monthly Maintenance Fees or Retainers.
Stop paying, and it goes away.
Large budget usually needed to get fast results.
Results are often hard to quantify and obscure.
Can get results quickly if you know what you're doing.
Sometimes takes 30-90 days to see initial results.
Changes are slow to appear. Errors cost time, not money.
Subject to bidding for visibility.
Can require significant social engagement.
= Positive Financial Impact
= Negative Financial Impact
This chart illustrates a financial impact comparison between typical Pay-Per-Click Marketing and On-Page SEO. If it costs you time or money, it has a negative impact.
Organic SEO offers a strategic advantage.

Visibility in organic search is not quick or easy — which is both good and bad. Once you're established, your competitors can’t simply buy their way in (assuming you've done things the right way). This can provide a strategic advantage over the competition if they are relying on paid search.

Organic SEO results are typically fairly "durable", meaning they don't usually fluctuate wildly over time, though they can initially and if you refresh your stats every 15 minutes (or more), it will make you crazy. The interactions between your website and the search engines span weeks, not minutes.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows, though, and there are certainly cons to Organic SEO. In many cases you may be wildly outgunned. If you are just starting out, and the keywords you are targeting show results dominated by titans like Amazon and eBay, then you may need to rethink your strategy.

Just like building a house, you want to set the foundation first before building the rest of the house. Like a foundation, you'll need to do some regular maintenance to your Organic SEO to insure your efforts continue to bear fruit. Unlike PPC, Organic SEO doesn't go away immediately if you stop paying.

Most of our customers are small businesses and don't have the resources to sustain a prolonged Pay-Per-Click campaign, yet they need SEO too. They derive most of their revenue from customers who live within a few hundred mile radius. A National SEO campaign would be useless and a waste of money for them until they have exhausted all other options.
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SEO Checkup
  • In-depth Website Analysis & Data Collection
  • Competitive analysis
    (1 nearest competitor website,
    $75 per additional)
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
    · Keyword Analysis & Suggestion
    · Targeted URL Suggestion
  • NAP Consistency Analysis
  • Reports Included:
    · Dead Link Checkup Report
    · Page Speed Optimization Report
    · SEO Review Report
    · Keyword Research Report
Starter On-Page SEO Setup *
  • Website Structure Optimization
    · Optimized for Desktop & Mobile Users
    · Redirects, 404 & Canonicalization Check
    · Robots.txt Creation & Optimization
    · Robot Meta Tag Check
  • Website Page Speed Optimization
    · CDN & SSL Implementation
    · Gzip, .htaccess Optimization
    · Keyword, Tags, Images & Meta Optimization
    · Content & Code Optimization
    · Duplicate Content Check
    · Sitemap Creation
    · Language Meta Tag Check
  • Linking Check Up - Internal, External
Standard On-Page SEO
  • Requirements:
    · SEO Checkup
    · Berry Web Design Framework
  • 5 Optimized SEO Keywords
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Regular SEO Performance Monitoring & Adjustments
  • Social Media Account links.
  • Search Engine Friendly Content Optimization
  • Nofollow & Dofollow Internal Link Optimization
  • SEO Friendly URL Optimization
  • Keyword Density Optimization
  • Link Building Strategies
Premium On-Page SEO
  • Requirements:
    · SEO Checkup
    · Berry Web Design Framework
  • All Standard Features
  • 12 Optimized SEO Keywords
  • Content Generation When Necessary
  • GEO Location Services
  • Local Search Optimization
  • NAP Consistency Monitoring
  • Google Webmaster Tool Monitoring
  • Page Rank Juice Optimization & Monitoring
* Included in Berry Web Designs New Website Development Package.
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